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I'll never forget the emptiness I felt when trying to pick up the pieces of my life, or even when trying to hold them all together. The thought that replayed in my mind was, "you are alone". It wasn't until I started to break society's stigma by sharing my experiences, that the thought changed to, "you're not alone in this". 

What kind of experiences you may ask? On the surface, your mind already created an image of me, unconsciously or not. Guess what? That's ok! Let me dive into a little bit of some of the situations I survived:

  • Trauma: childhood, adolescence, early adulthood. From abuse in all forms to witnessing others' trauma.

  • Addiction: I'm in recovery from a heroin addiction that began at age 16 and lasted 8 years.

  • Incarceration: Addiction and untreated mental health disorders resulted in being convicted of felonies at the age of 22 and served time at York Correctional Institution in Niantic, CT.

  • Mental Health & Suicide: Once beginning healing, I was able to manage my mental health disorders and symptoms, as well as suicidal ideation. I'm a suicide attempt survivor and live with passive suicidal thoughts.

Whew, let's take a breath.

Why do I share this? Transparency, fighting shame, and breaking stigma. 

  • Transparency: We are all humans going through experiences. I cannot expect you to share the depths of your journey without providing a glimpse into my own. My lived experience, education, and training is incorporated into all services I provide.

  • Fighting Shame: The only way to overcome shame is to be vulnerable by talking about it. When I hide what I've been through, it prevents a sense of belonging. When things aren't talked about, suffering grows.

  • Breaking Stigma: Did you initially think that I had been an ex-convict, homeless heroin addict? It's time to show that people can and do recover. That person that you pass by on your daily route, do you truly know their world? Breaking stigma births transformation and healing.

My healing journey has involved several people, treatment methods, and places. Not one was the same and I'm always learning. The most teachable and humbling moments I currently experience are from the people I work with. Sharing your experiences with me fuels my passion to continue supporting others.

Healing has brought me education, freedom, belonging, love, empathy, careers, family, and so much more.

Now, I want to give back in a whole new way: supporting you, exactly where you are.

From facing personal decisions to reaching important milestones, my intention is to guide you on the path of success, whatever that may look like for you. I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence and will tackle any barrier to make sure that you are fully satisfied with our work together.

Contact me today for an initial consultation, and find out more about how I can tailor my services to your needs. 


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