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Class facilitator feedback

"Ally did such a great job of making this class extremely engaging despite being online. It was very clear that she knew the information and she was extremely knowledgeable. We also learned so many different things that I found were extremely important." -Participant

"The facilitator was exceptionally enjoyable and informative. She expanded on the materials from the workbook and slides to include real-world context examples and incorporated her own lived experiences, both past and present. Her openness, paired with the very compatible, yet diverse mix of fellow learners really allowed for stimulating discussions about the recovery process from multiple perspectives." -Participant

"My favorite part was learning from Ally Kernan’s professional and personal experience. She has inspired me to want to pursue this journey more than I started out, and I was already excited to pursue this as a career. This could not have been facilitated better without her." -Participant

"Ally was simply incredible, she guided us through this course with enthusiasm and made it so enjoyable. She gave us an extra resource in herself. With her support I have gained much confidence." -Participant

Class facilitator: Clients
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