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Individual Sessions

"I feel like talking to you calms me down and gives me a space to feel free. I feel understood, and I feel like someone empathizes with me and how I'm dealing with my situation right now. Our sessions give me some peace during my journey. I look forward to our next session after each one ends, and I feel like I've overcome my struggle in some ways over the last few months. Thank you for your help."

-Client, 17 years old

"Ally Consulting LLC comes highly recommended. If you're looking for one on one therapy, life skills, coping mechanisms, risk management, affirmations and actually completing goals short term then long term then Ally is the one to call. She is very personable, hospitable, trustworthy and genuinely caring. I always leave her with a smile on my face. She gas brought me comfort, strength and grace in the darkest days of my life."

-Client, 31 years old

"Ally is a great person to talk to for advice she was my sobriety coach before and has helped me through some difficult times she is very caring person who really tries to help people" -Client, 26 years old

Individual Sessions: Clients
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